Corinna Trabucco
  • - AmSAT* Certified, 1991
  • - Private Practice, Beverly and Burlington, MA
  • - Adjunct Professor, College of Fine Arts, BU
  • - Adjunct Professor, Stonehill College
  •     Healthy Computer Use for Computer Science
  • - Assisted training Alexander Teachers, Dimon Institute
  • - Director of Dance, Emerson College 1976-1981
  • - MA, Theatre Education

  • Feel better and move in a more relaxed and comfortable way.
  • Identify and lose the harmful habits you have built up over a lifetime of stress.
  • Feel more comfortable in your own body
  • Learn to move more freely.

Corinna Trabucco

Corinna Trabucco is an AmSAT* certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. In 1991, she completed the three-year training program required to become an Alexander Technique teacher and convey the kinesthetic experience with the hands that is the special craft on which teaching the Alexander Technique is based. She has an MA in Theatre Education and was an assistant professor and Director of the Dance Department of Emerson College from 1976-1981. She has taught in the College of Fine Arts at BU and Stonehill College, Easton, MA Click for More Info. She has taught extensively throughout New England since 1991, has a private practice in Gloucester, Concord, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA, and has assisted the training of teachers at the Dimon institute for the Alexander Technique. Corinna continues to hone her skills as an Alexander Technique Teacher and has completed a three-year training with Betsy Polatin in The Actor's Secret which involves combining work in Alexander Technique with those of the Breathing Coordination Techniques of Carl Stough and Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing.


What People Say About Corinna


"Of all the physical fitness and body work professionals that I have been to over the years, my sessions with Corinna Trabucco have been the most valuable. Corinna and the Alexander Technique has taught me keys to promote good posture so that I can 'use' my body most effectively, whether when exercising, playing golf, sitting or simply standing; the applications are endless. As a golf teaching professional, I have improved my game and my ability to coach students toward improving their own posture. I would highly recommend Corinna Trabucco as I see her work to be a fundamental component for enjoying a healthy lifestyle".- Joe Rocha, PGA Golf Professional

"After seeing a doctor for a painful back, he suggested lessons in the Alexander Technique. My posture was poor from years of limping around with bad knees that were never corrected after double knee replacement. Within a month of seeing Corinna, I no longer had the symptoms that brought me to her. I am able to do the things I like to do for longer periods of time and I am more relaxed and feel more flexible." - Donna Hansen, Marblehead

"Corinna is a superb Alexander Technique teacher -- she is knowledgeable, thoughtful, and highly skilled. We were trained at the same time, and I have been enriched by our collegial relationship ever since." - Kate Judd, Alexander Technique Teacher, Brattleboro, VT

"Corinna is a profoundly skilled Alexander Technique teacher. I began seeing her in 2001 after having bi-lateral rotator cuff surgery. She helped me maximize the use of both shoulders ... and since then has helped with a long list of things ranging from relief from plantar fasciitis to improvement with my singing technique". - Diane Amelia Read, Singer

"When I went to see Corinna, I had severe neck pain from stress and poor posture. She taught me how to correct my posture and be proactive to manage stress on a daily basis. After several years of practice, I have corrected 50 years of bad posture habits and can manage stress better. I feel like a different person! 

In addition to her skills, Corinna is wonderfully patient and kind in helping her clients understand the benefits of the Alexander Technique. I give her my highest recommendation". - Kathy Murphy, Middleton

"Corinna is a skilled Alexander Technique teacher. Since I was a teen my posture has been a problem. I've taken several programs that promised improved posture but none worked. In 2007 at a singing workshop the instructors recommended the Alexander Technique to improve my singing. Corinna has helped me to see that the way I use my body affects my singing, my posture and my health. She did what others could not do and now I look, feel, and sing better. - "Alvah Parker, Alvah Parker Associates